The following comments are excerpts from letters, cards, and emails. Unless otherwise noted, the comments are from outside counsel.

“Word from my crew is that you did an amazing job on a tough case with equally tough coverage issues.”

“Many thanks for your sterling efforts – they were greatly appreciated.”

“You have earned any and all distinctive designations or awards you have received.”

“Your reputation is well deserved.”

“[Y]ou did another masterful job…”

“…we had high expectations of your abilities … given the comments that I had received. That you met or exceeded those expectations with my tough crowd from [client] is remarkable.”

“You did well here [in Phoenix] in most difficult circumstances.”

“Your business acumen and skill were assets in resolving this matter.”

“I now know first hand why you have such a well deserved reputation.”

“Your very able skills and patient approach were instrumental in the parties’ achieving a settlement.”

“…extraordinary way in which you demonstrated and applied your special gifts to help… resolve a particularly difficult dispute.”

“Your ability to promptly get all parties to… focus on the major strengths and weaknesses of their case…, your quick and understandable evaluations of the merits of our claims…, and the specific suggestions you made to deal with the difficult third-party issues… were the difference that made this win-win settlement possible.”

“Everyone I spoke to in the community told me that the best mediator I could find in a business case was Gary McGowan…”

“At Tuesday’s Approval Hearing, Judge Strand [in Phoenix] was extremely complimentary of you and your efforts in helping the parties settle this lengthy and hotly contested litigation.”

“I have been involved in a number of mediations but never have I been as impressed with the professionalism, demeanor, integrity and effectiveness as in this last mediation.”

Party: “I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism, wise counsel and good humor.”

“Your taking the time to understand the claims, be a ‘devil’s advocate’ and cajole so graciously caused this ‘impossible’ case to settle.”

“[I]t would have been difficult to make a better choice for the … case. …. I noticed that you had a very good understanding of pertinent facts and that it was easy to make our point and to transmit same to the opposite party with your assistance.”

“Although I am not sure that you could be held in any higher regard around here than you already are, I will be singing your praises for quite some time over this one! ”

“I have the highest opinion of you as a lawyer and as a mediator and will not hesitate to use your services again. You handled a mediation for me about 3 years ago and were successful in concluding the settlement of a very fact intensive, complex, international case. My clients, from Mexico, were very pleased.

“I’m in house litigation counsel for [Company].  It was really good to meet you on Tuesday. I had (and have) an active trial practice, and have mediated all over the country, and you are one of the best I’ve seen/used. Much appreciated.”

“I wanted to drop you a note to say thank for your valued counsel and professionalism in mediating the ______  dispute yesterday.  Your diligence and persistence were critical to the parties reaching a negotiated solution and thus avoiding further litigation . . . .”

“And I have highly recommended you to the other [parties] . . . . Good job.”

“I want to thank you again for your very skillful handling of this mediation . . . .”

“Thank you very much for doing such a splendid job yesterday of facilitating agreement between my family and the bank’s representatives.  My brothers and I are very happy with the result, and we are all very grateful to you for your help.  Before we met you, we asked for an opinion from our cousin, [name omitted], who is also a mediator.  She said, ‘Gary is the best.’  I know now that she was right about that.”

“Its been over 20 years since you mediated the … usury case in your offices. …. I remember the professionals who knew their trade, because that mattered.   You were at the top of the mountain.”