Insurance Case Experience


“I was impressed with your preparation and grasp of all the issues, a complex web of coverage yet no coverage.”


About 100 mediations involving coverage disputes between insurer and insured (e.g., liability; property loss; business interruption)

Many mediations wherein coverage dispute was ancillary to lawsuit

Mediated two class action suits regarding “vanishing premium” life insurance policies

Mediated $90mm dispute between insured and 11 liability insurers regarding defense and indemnity coverage for asbestos personal injury claims spanning thirty years; pro rata allocation vs “all sums”; past and future coverage

Mediated coverage dispute among insured and 8 liability insurers regarding coverage for asbestos liability from 1948 through 2006; missing policies; allocation issue; past and future coverage

Arbitrated coverage dispute in which insurer sought rescission based on alleged fraud in application for insurance

Arbitrated  coverage claim vs. insurer of trade credits agreement

Arbitrated contract/antitrust dispute between competing healthcare insurers

Arbitrated payment dispute between hospital and insurance company which administered health plans and provided access to provider network